B42Yes, yes, yes, I did the soccer mom thing too.  While my oldest daughter was in high school, I was able to make arrangements with my job to be her team’s soccer mom/chapperone.  I was with them at all their games at home and away.

Those girls taught me a lot with their crazy hormonal experiences (nothing like when I was in school, I might add) and a bus load of female atheletes were just as raunchy as a load of boys, let me tell ya!  Showers and clean socks were optional and so was belly gas (if ya know what I mean).  They were a great bunch of young women and I was fortunate to watch them grow in their high school years.

Anyway, at one particular game, I was sitting with the girls who were not playing at the time, watching the two teams chase the ball back and forth and up and down the field.  All of a sudden, everything was in slow motion.  I remember looking around thinking “what the heck is going on”?  Then looking up, I recognized my daughter up in the air, almost upside down, where she had just kicked the ball from mid field toward the goal.  She was on our side of the field right in front of our benches.  She was in the air higher than the heads of her team mates.  The moment gravity took hold and she started falling, I heard  voices/whispers.  “It’s not her time yet”.  At the same time, I saw three mists of light (angels) take hold of her.  One of them held her head, one held her back, one held her feet and legs and they ever so gently laid her down on the ground like she was a floating feather.  They looked at me then at each other and then they were gone.  Was I breathing?  What just happened?

Suddenly, real time kicked back in and people were running all over the place. 

The medics and coaches surrounded her.  I wasn’t panicking at all.  I’m sure if it were any other time, I would have been the first one to her but I just sat there calm and assured that she was ok.  After a time, they sat her up, stood her up and walked her off of the field.  Everyone cheered.  They sat her on the bench and got her something to drink.  I went to her, hugged her and yes, she was alright.  “Mom, I’m ok…” she said while resisting my  smothering.  She went back out onto the field and continued playing like nothing had happened.

As I played everything over and over again in my mind, she should have died that night.  If it wasn’t for those three angels that caught her and brought her down ever so gently, she would have landed on her head and broke her neck.  Her coach and I had talked about it later after the next day’s practice.  He said that she was unconcious when he got to her.  He said he thought she had broken her neck too.  But, she opened her eyes and the medics couldn’t find anything wrong with her and they let her back into the game.

A lot of years have passed since that happened and I’m happy to say that she is now a beautiful woman with a successful career and a family of her own.  It was definitly not her time.







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