BLOG PIC 15 I am a light sleeper.  Not only can I hear the walls breathe, sometimes I think I sleep with my eyes open.

One night, on an unusally cool night in Florida, I opened the windows in my bedroom.  I went to bed listening to the woods around my house.  I could smell the humid earthiness.

All of a sudden, there was light in my room.  Not just “a” light but hundreds of them!  Some were golf ball size and some were tennis ball size flying all over the room.  They seemed to be coming in through the window next to my head.  I admit I was a bit unnerved.  I had never seen anything like it before.  I was holding my breath and not moving a muscle.  They were all different colors and I would swear I was hearing a kind of singing from them.  And then, as if on que, they collected in the right corner of the ceiling.  They became a gigantic, massive light of colors that made subtle movements with it’s song.  As incredibly beautiful as it was, it was somewhat intimidating for sure.  It came down close to me but did not touch me.  Then, it left out of the window that the individual balls of light came in.  It was surely a few minutes before I was able to breathe normal and move my body.

It was an amazing experience of orbs and with their songs, were they singing to me or were they trying to communicate with me?


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