B38I had an apartment here in N.C. for a little while.  One  morning, I found myself running late while getting ready for work.  This was not like me at all.  I am always up and ready to go with plenty of time to do whatever.  I’m the one who’s always early.  I hate being late.

Anyway, that particular morning, it was like things were moving in slow motion for no reason.  My routine was the same.  At some point, I noticed the time and it was when I usually left for work and I wasn’t even dressed yet!  So, I’m hurrying, trying to find something to throw on and my room seems to get foggy/misty.  I’m wiping my eyes and putting drops in them thinking my allergies were gooking them up but it didn’t clear.

I turned around and this smokey purple/lavendar mist is coming from my mirror.  The mirror was a replica of an antique full length dressing mirror that could be tilted in it’s stand.  Of course I was unnerved.  I stood frozen, trying to process what was happening.  Then a figure went across the the mirror – on the inside!  Whoops!  That was it!  I admit now that I wish I had stayed but I didn’t.  I grabbed my purse and flew out of there!

When I got home that evening, there was no evidence that anything had happened.  I did, however, throw a sheet over the mirror  and eventually, gave it away.  I wasn’t really afraid, per se.  It wasn’t a dark energy.  I think the thought of having an unlocked “door” was more than I wanted to deal with at the time.

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