B41Subliminal messages are like little flickers of light left for us by whoever is watching over us in places that we will hopefully notice.  They help answer questions, confirm where we are or show us where we should be, show us another perspective or maybe to put more thought into something

I was at a point in my life where I was divorced and dating for the sake of dating.  I was working two jobs and feeling like a rat running on one of those wheels.  I was looking for a break in my routine and found myself with a couple of days off from both jobs at the same time so I grabbed my toothbrush and a change of clothes and started to drive.  I had told a girlfriend about my plans and she made me go pick her up, mainly, she said, “to keep me out of trouble.”  (My life is full of “why nots“.)

So off we went, no destination, just wherever we ended up driving a day out and a day back.   A lot of venting, a lot of laughing, a lot of nothing and a lot of everything.

Then there it was.  It came on the radio, a song I’d heard several times before.  I even had the cd it was on.  Out of nowhere, it was as if nothing existed but the words to that song talking to my face.  It was Sugarland singing about “Mr. Right Now not Mr. Forever” and  “putting on her new shoes and dancing in her living room!”  That was it!  That was it for me!  Change my priorities and dance even if I don’t have anyone to dance with!  I declared my revelation and my friend looked at me with the “ok, whatever” look.  She was used to my quirky outbursts. 

We had quite an adventure that trip, walking the shore at Myrtle Beach, S.C., trouble finding a hotel because of some event in town, settling for a roach infested motel in the Outer Banks, N.C. and getting lost somewhere on the backroads near Salem, N.C.  (this was before I got my GPS.)  “As long as there is a yellow line in the middle of the road, we’ll be ok!” I said.  We laughed about it until it got dark.  We started to get a little nervous watching the yellow line on the road in my headlights until we finally came across an old gas station out in the middle of nowhere (creepy).  We got directions to the main expressway and we were back on track.

“Back on track”.  My subliminal message put me “back on track’.


2 thoughts on “ON THE RADIO

  1. This story made me smile. When I was very young, I dreamed of traveling. At one point it was why I considered becoming a stewardess. The thought of just jumping in my car and driving until….well, I loved it. As for subliminal messages, I whole heartedly believe in them. My only problem is being smart enough to pay attention to them. lol 😉 Love this post, girl!!! xoxoxo


  2. Now Mathair… you’re not giving yourself enough credit. There are subliminal messages around you all of the time. Things like… hurting your foot to where you have to wear a medical boot. It’s frustrating because you can’t move as fast as you think you need to. The message may be that you need to slow down a bit and therefore someone who cares about you (on the other side) is helping you to pace yourself.


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