B53When someone that you care about stumbles or is suffering, it’s hard not to jump in and save them.  I wanted to march right up to that boy who broke my daughter’s heart and punch him right in his face!  I wanted to jerk a knot in the tail of the lady who borrowed money from a good friend who really didn’t have it to lend in the first place then laughed when she told him she wasn’t paying him back!  I wanted to scream when I got the call that a friend had passed away from a cancer diagnosis after only a few months!  And the list goes on and on…

Life’s lessons for us can be difficult.  What happens is that if we don’t go through whatever experience and learn whatever lesson is waiting for us, we will find ourselves in the same situation over and over again until we “get it”, until we learn the lesson.  Being aware of this, I have asked my guides to please just put it in front of me, thump me over the head with whatever I am supposed to be getting; to make it obvious.  I then can usually see what was really in front of me the whole time and the grip I have on my hair finally releases.

When we step in to save our kids, our friends, whoever it is that we would take a bullet for, what really is going to end up happening is that we are enabling the torture or suffering of their lesson because a form of that experience will keep reocurring until they learn it.

By being on the other end of the phone while my daughter bawled her eyes out and vented in total distress at the loss of the love of her life, I did restrain myself and not act on my original intent.  Fast forward, she is married to a man who is totally different from the former boyfriend and is a mother of three with a thriving career.

By observing and not confronting that lady on behalf of my friend, he seems to be keeping his head above water finacially.

A short time after my friend passed from cancer, she came to me and told me how happy she was.  I was on my lunch break and had stepped outdoors for some fresh air.  “She was laughing and telling me that she finally understood and knew where God was.  (She had spent a great deal of time studying the different religions and beliefs of God and where he was believed to be).  “He was in me the whole time!” she exclaimed.  “He’s in all of us!  I can’t believe I waisted so much time searching!”  I smiled and told her I loved her.  I think I finally understood that she wasn’t actually taken from us but allowed to continue her journey to find her answer that she was longing for.



2 thoughts on “LESSONS

  1. I’m not sure about all of this one. When we save someone, don’t they learn that they are loved by us. If they trip and fall to the ground, can’t we offer a hand to help them get up and a bandaid if they didn’t bring one. Maybe after they get lost in the woods and we find and help them out, they will meet an important person.


    1. Yes Doug, I feel that empathy, kindness, or a hand up is part of our purpose. I however, don’t feel we are suppose to live the lives for those around us. Just like students in a classroom, if you did everyone’s assignments, will they be prepared to graduate?


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