B37There are “energies” around us all of the time… angels, guides, ghosts/spirits, etc.  Yes, there are spirits who don’t realize they’ve died and spirits who are bound by unfinished business.  There are also spirits who choose to stay and spirits who choose to come back after they have gone into the light.

My friends had taken me to an abandoned old house one afternoon in my little railroad town in Tennessee before I moved there.  The house was probably built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.  It was two stories with dormer windows in the attic.  It had a covered porch across the front and around each side of the outside of the house there were separate balconies and stairs.  The house was gray and weathered and sat only about 100 yards from the train tracks.  Apparently, when the train came through, it would make a “special” stop for it’s passenger, if requested, to visit this house.

When we drove up to the front of the house, we got out and made our way through the tall grass.  The energy coming from the house was very strong.  I could barely come within about 20ft of it.  The energy wasn’t negative but really strong.  As we walked around, my friends were looking through windows and taking pictures.  As we came around from the back of the house, she startled me.  There was a young woman standing on the balcony, smoking a cigar.  She had on white pantaloons that were gathered at her knees.  She had on an old fashioned camisole with the lace undone on the front.  She was barefooted and her hair was a pretty auburn in a long braid pulled to one side and down the front of her.  She seemed to watch us walk around to the front.

My friends went up on to the front porch, took pictures and gave beautiful descriptions of the sitting room and the stairs.  I stood out from the house and told them I heard music… a lively piano tune.  They said they saw a piano over in the corner of the sitting room.  I saw men and women swinging around dancing and laughing.  There was even a man twirling a girl on the front porch.  It felt happy, high energy and electric.  This was definitley a festive place.

As we were making our way back to the van, my friends were reviewing some of the pictures that they took and there was this amazing one of the front porch and  in one of the windows was a wooden pedestal in the shape of a “T” and on it sat a large green parrot.  He was beautiful and as clear as if he was really there!  Of course they hurried back to that window but there wasn’t anything there.  He was on their camera and that was an exciting confirmation. 

As we got into the van, I looked up at one of the 2nd story windows and saw an older woman watching us through slightly pulled apart curtains.  My friends assured me there was nothing there, not even curtains. Except for maybe the older woman who watched us leave, it was a perfect example of spirits who were there because they wanted to be.  They were not lost souls.  Could it have been the most happiest times of their lives that they didn’t want to leave?  For the ones that did cross over, was their comradery so strong that they chose to come back?

Yes and yes.


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