B36We all have that person who royally gets on our nerves.  You know the one that makes you roll your eyes every time you think of them.  Is it the way they talk about others?  Is it all the drama that surrounds them?  Is it the way they eat their food?  Is it the way that they are late all the time?  Is it the way they chew gum like a cow?  Is it the people that they hang out with?  

There is a teaching that when these people come into our lives, it is us looking into a mirror to see what we don’t like about ourselves.  I know this is a strong concept but try it.  Maybe this person is late all time and you are one of those people who are always early so now you are sitting up straight with your declaration “Ha! that’s not me”.  OK… but if you really look at yourself, are you reliable?  Maybe this person overindulges in desserts and it’s enough to make you gag while you proudly declare how full you are after your meal of a salad but if you look at yourself, do you reward your day with a whole bottle of wine?  

This is not intended to beat ourselves up but to help distress our space.  If you would practice this teaching, you will find your days balancing out.  You have to be crucially honest with yourself.  You may even find yourself smiling instead of rolling your eyes when you think of that person…when you think of you.

Think about it.  Look at yourself.  Look at yourself in the mirror.


One thought on “ROLL YOUR EYES

  1. This is a difficult lesson. I thought I only had to worry about the “living dead” but now I see I have to worry about the “walking mirrors”. But I do see how you are developing a benevolent tolerance to learn lessons. I’m wondering what spiritual ivy clings to in the metaphor. Not sure. Ivy climbs buildings or foundations? Very interesting.


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