BLOG PIC 17Dreams are like subconscious indicators of what’s going on in and around us.  I know some people who claim that they don’t dream.  I know people who claim they dream with such intensity and vividness the minute they close their eyes.

I, by no means, am a scientist but I do believe that all humans and animals dream.  The extent to which we remember our dreams or not is what most people base their debate on.  I don’t feel that we are meant to remember or even be aware of every subconscious event that occurs while we are sleeping.  We would probably be exhausted for the lack of true restoration that is supposed to occur while we are sleeping.

I do, however, believe in what we are made aware of and do remember from our time we spend in slumber.  Just as our physical bodies heal and our energy is restored, our thoughts and peace of mind also go through healing and restoration.  We’ve heard the saying, “just sleep on it”.  With our external (and internal) environment constantly attacking and draining us of our center, our inner focus, a lot of times we are making decisions irrationally or while on automatic pilot.

To remember a dream and interpret it as a nightmare would be an strong inner turmoil.  A relationship,  job,  just about anything that might be tearing us up inside while we are cool, calm and collected on the outside.  When I was in high school, I would have this reoccurring nightmare that I would be walking to class with some friends who would disappear and all of a sudden I was lost in a hallway and couldn’t find my locker or where my next class was.  It sounds silly but I would wake up out of breath and sweaty.  I am many years out of school now and every now and then I still have that dream.  I was one of those kids who loved going to school and doing homework.  Today, I am a recovering workaholic.  This dream represents,  for me, a sense of lack of control in my life.

Another dream I have is a dream involving babies.  I am usually watching the birth and being given this beautiful baby to love and care for.  Sometimes, there are small children that I am protecting.  I am far beyond my pregnancy days so in these dreams I find myself a bit anxious in my capabilities to fulfil my duties as a mom again.   I am not upset or sweating when I wake up but more in the state of mind of “where the freak did that come from?”  For me, these dreams represent new beginnings.  After a dream like that, I have had new opportunities present themselves, new people come into my life and even moves with a job transfer.

To remember and take notice of our dreams is like being aware we are running a fever and  doing what needs to be done to care for ourselves; like finding ourselves smiling or being tickled inside for no apparent reason and then aware of a little bit of adrenalin with a hint of anticipation.

By the way, day dreams do count.  This is a good place to start for those who claim they don’t dream or who don’t remember their dreams.



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