B57The energy that our soul carries is amazing.  Similar to a light bulb, the wattage that we shine with reflects the love and balance within. 

Being in the retail business, I work with people all day long.  It always amazes me how I very rarely experience a conversation with the other person looking me in the eyes.  I probably could count on one hand how many times I have noticed other people having conversations and actually looking at the person they were talking to.

“One’s eyes are the mirror to their soul”.  We’ve heard that saying before.  I believe that it’s true.  People that we work with, sit next to on the couch, sit across from at lunch even the one’s we say “I love you” to. 

Don’t just look at their eyes…look into their eyes.  Is it fear?  Could it be that we are afraid of what we may see?  Will we notice a twinkle, will we find someone we knew from another time, will we find a darkness…a black hole?  What about our own eyes?  What will they see? 

The next time you find yourself in front of a mirror, practice looking into your own eyes.  Don’t look at your hair or makeup; don’t be looking for zits or food in your teeth.  Just look at your eyes…look into your eyes.  Do you feel a bit silly?  Don’t.  What do you notice?  Nothing?  Are they smiling back at you?  Are they tired?  Keep noticing each time you are at a mirror.  Don’t make it stressful by “searching” for something.  You should eventually “notice” what others see in you…in your eyes.  No words needed.


6 thoughts on “EYES

  1. Beautifully put, Ivy. Mathair is a straight shooter and very confident. She’s always reminding me to look at her when she speaks. Perhaps it’s some underlying insecurity of mine, but I have always found it very… unsettling to directly look people in the eyes. It’s not out of disrespect by any means. I get this overwhelming sense of vulnerability when I do it that makes me want to look away. I’d be curious as to what you think of it or if maybe you have a technique that could help me work my way up to really looking into people. Great post.


    1. Thanks Inion. If our paths were to cross one day, it would be easier to show you a couple of discreet things you can do. In the meantime, find yourself some time with little distraction. Maybe, you could be winding down before bedtime…some music or tv on low for background and low light or a lit candle for calming ambiance. Find a hand held mirror and a note pad or scratch paper and pen. Now, sit back on the couch or your bed and look at your eyes in the mirror. Let any self conscious feelings pass. OK, look “into” your eyes. Really look into your eyes. What do you see? Jot down key words/phrases without looking at your paper. What do you see? Do you see your dragon, your grandmother, yourself as a small child…do this as often as you can. Get to know you. Get comfortable with who you are. When you are ready, casually look into the eyes of someone you trust and then a casual stranger. Let whatever words/phrases pop into your mind. Smile if you want to… raise your eyebrows if you need to. Think of it like reading a good book.

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  2. Wow!! This post really spoke to me. Like you SI I’ve always looked deeper into peoples eyes trying to see who I’m speaking with. My father was a Gideon. Part of his ministry was to travel to the prison and speak with prisoners. One time he came home and was terribly vexed. I asked him what was wrong & he said to me. “I spoke with a man & when I looked into his eyes, it was like looking into the eyes of a doll. There was nothing there, Natalie.” That scared me. I don’t know why I just thought of that, but I did. Sharing this post now on a blog asking for great writing.


  3. Clowie, I feel that a bond between a person and an animal is usually stronger than between people themselves. I see examples of this every day. I’ve seen people buy steaks for their dogs and even go hungry so their pets can eat. I’ve seen animals snuggled and pampered far better than any child.
    Maybe we see our potential selves in their eyes. They don’t judge us so we let down our walls. Our true, unconditional self emerges. When the unconditional souls connect, well, like I said, the examples are endless.

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