B41Subliminal messages are like little flickers of light left for us by whoever is watching over us in places that we will hopefully notice.  They help answer questions, confirm where we are or show us where we should be, show us another perspective or maybe to put more thought into something

I was at a point in my life where I was divorced and dating for the sake of dating.  I was working two jobs and feeling like a rat running on one of those wheels.  I was looking for a break in my routine and found myself with a couple of days off from both jobs at the same time so I grabbed my toothbrush and a change of clothes and started to drive.  I had told a girlfriend about my plans and she made me go pick her up, mainly, she said, “to keep me out of trouble.”  (My life is full of “why nots“.)

So off we went, no destination, just wherever we ended up driving a day out and a day back.   A lot of venting, a lot of laughing, a lot of nothing and a lot of everything.

Then there it was.  It came on the radio, a song I’d heard several times before.  I even had the cd it was on.  Out of nowhere, it was as if nothing existed but the words to that song talking to my face.  It was Sugarland singing about “Mr. Right Now not Mr. Forever” and  “putting on her new shoes and dancing in her living room!”  That was it!  That was it for me!  Change my priorities and dance even if I don’t have anyone to dance with!  I declared my revelation and my friend looked at me with the “ok, whatever” look.  She was used to my quirky outbursts. 

We had quite an adventure that trip, walking the shore at Myrtle Beach, S.C., trouble finding a hotel because of some event in town, settling for a roach infested motel in the Outer Banks, N.C. and getting lost somewhere on the backroads near Salem, N.C.  (this was before I got my GPS.)  “As long as there is a yellow line in the middle of the road, we’ll be ok!” I said.  We laughed about it until it got dark.  We started to get a little nervous watching the yellow line on the road in my headlights until we finally came across an old gas station out in the middle of nowhere (creepy).  We got directions to the main expressway and we were back on track.

“Back on track”.  My subliminal message put me “back on track’.



B38I had an apartment here in N.C. for a little while.  One  morning, I found myself running late while getting ready for work.  This was not like me at all.  I am always up and ready to go with plenty of time to do whatever.  I’m the one who’s always early.  I hate being late.

Anyway, that particular morning, it was like things were moving in slow motion for no reason.  My routine was the same.  At some point, I noticed the time and it was when I usually left for work and I wasn’t even dressed yet!  So, I’m hurrying, trying to find something to throw on and my room seems to get foggy/misty.  I’m wiping my eyes and putting drops in them thinking my allergies were gooking them up but it didn’t clear.

I turned around and this smokey purple/lavendar mist is coming from my mirror.  The mirror was a replica of an antique full length dressing mirror that could be tilted in it’s stand.  Of course I was unnerved.  I stood frozen, trying to process what was happening.  Then a figure went across the the mirror – on the inside!  Whoops!  That was it!  I admit now that I wish I had stayed but I didn’t.  I grabbed my purse and flew out of there!

When I got home that evening, there was no evidence that anything had happened.  I did, however, throw a sheet over the mirror  and eventually, gave it away.  I wasn’t really afraid, per se.  It wasn’t a dark energy.  I think the thought of having an unlocked “door” was more than I wanted to deal with at the time.


BLOG PIC 15 I am a light sleeper.  Not only can I hear the walls breathe, sometimes I think I sleep with my eyes open.

One night, on an unusally cool night in Florida, I opened the windows in my bedroom.  I went to bed listening to the woods around my house.  I could smell the humid earthiness.

All of a sudden, there was light in my room.  Not just “a” light but hundreds of them!  Some were golf ball size and some were tennis ball size flying all over the room.  They seemed to be coming in through the window next to my head.  I admit I was a bit unnerved.  I had never seen anything like it before.  I was holding my breath and not moving a muscle.  They were all different colors and I would swear I was hearing a kind of singing from them.  And then, as if on que, they collected in the right corner of the ceiling.  They became a gigantic, massive light of colors that made subtle movements with it’s song.  As incredibly beautiful as it was, it was somewhat intimidating for sure.  It came down close to me but did not touch me.  Then, it left out of the window that the individual balls of light came in.  It was surely a few minutes before I was able to breathe normal and move my body.

It was an amazing experience of orbs and with their songs, were they singing to me or were they trying to communicate with me?


B51I have a small house in a little railroad town in Tennessee that was built in 1925.  I am only the third owner and when I bought it, no one had lived in it for a number of years.  (How I aquired the house is a story for another time.)

The house is definitly “occupied”.  My first day of work at my new job was my first night in my new home.  With everything still in boxes and no tv, I pretty much just brushed my teeth and crawled into bed.  I was exhausted from the whirlwind of moving and cherished the thought of going to bed early for a good night’s sleep.  No sooner had I slid between the sheets and let out my exhausted sigh, they were there.  They were all talking at the same time, each pushing to the front trying to get my undivided attention.  It was like trying to sleep in New York’s Grand Central Station!  I rolled over and even covered my head but they were persistent.  I finally sat up and said (with my mind) “Please, I am tired and have to be up early in the morning.  Let me get some sleep and I promise to visit with each of you.  Please!”  It was quiet.  They turned and left.  I watched and waited a few minutes and yep, they were gone.  I laid back down, burrowed into my pillow and was able to sleep as well as could be expected in my new home.

I did keep my promise and for the time that I lived in that house, I had several visitors and spent time with the ones that wanted my attention. 

The one that probably unnerved me the most was the one that was obsessed with my hair.  Nothing dark or evil but it would make me hold my breath.  Day or night, I would be reading or watching tv or tooling around on my laptop and something would touch my hair.  It was always the left side of my head.  Take your four fingers and ever so lightly push them through your hair, without touching your scalp.  Creepy, isn’t it?  My hair wasn’t falling forward, it was being lifted back (it was a short taylored cut) and when I finally had the nerve to touch my hair while it was happening, there wasn’t anything there. 

I have to admit that after a few times, it felt a bit endearing actually.  I couldn’t quite make out who it was but from what I could see, it was a young woman dressed in early 1900’s.  I couldn’t see her hair but it definitly seemed that she was infatuated with mine.


B42Yes, yes, yes, I did the soccer mom thing too.  While my oldest daughter was in high school, I was able to make arrangements with my job to be her team’s soccer mom/chapperone.  I was with them at all their games at home and away.

Those girls taught me a lot with their crazy hormonal experiences (nothing like when I was in school, I might add) and a bus load of female atheletes were just as raunchy as a load of boys, let me tell ya!  Showers and clean socks were optional and so was belly gas (if ya know what I mean).  They were a great bunch of young women and I was fortunate to watch them grow in their high school years.

Anyway, at one particular game, I was sitting with the girls who were not playing at the time, watching the two teams chase the ball back and forth and up and down the field.  All of a sudden, everything was in slow motion.  I remember looking around thinking “what the heck is going on”?  Then looking up, I recognized my daughter up in the air, almost upside down, where she had just kicked the ball from mid field toward the goal.  She was on our side of the field right in front of our benches.  She was in the air higher than the heads of her team mates.  The moment gravity took hold and she started falling, I heard  voices/whispers.  “It’s not her time yet”.  At the same time, I saw three mists of light (angels) take hold of her.  One of them held her head, one held her back, one held her feet and legs and they ever so gently laid her down on the ground like she was a floating feather.  They looked at me then at each other and then they were gone.  Was I breathing?  What just happened?

Suddenly, real time kicked back in and people were running all over the place. 

The medics and coaches surrounded her.  I wasn’t panicking at all.  I’m sure if it were any other time, I would have been the first one to her but I just sat there calm and assured that she was ok.  After a time, they sat her up, stood her up and walked her off of the field.  Everyone cheered.  They sat her on the bench and got her something to drink.  I went to her, hugged her and yes, she was alright.  “Mom, I’m ok…” she said while resisting my  smothering.  She went back out onto the field and continued playing like nothing had happened.

As I played everything over and over again in my mind, she should have died that night.  If it wasn’t for those three angels that caught her and brought her down ever so gently, she would have landed on her head and broke her neck.  Her coach and I had talked about it later after the next day’s practice.  He said that she was unconcious when he got to her.  He said he thought she had broken her neck too.  But, she opened her eyes and the medics couldn’t find anything wrong with her and they let her back into the game.

A lot of years have passed since that happened and I’m happy to say that she is now a beautiful woman with a successful career and a family of her own.  It was definitly not her time.







BLOG PIC IA spontaneous road trip with some girlfriends took me to a cemetary near Memphis, Tn.  I found it interesting walking up and down some of the rows and reading the names and dates of history but it was hot, muggy and buggy and even though I knew they were wanting a big experience of a ghost or something,  I was ready to go find some air conditioning.

I lagged behind a bit under a big shady oak tree while they wandered, taking pictures, citing off names and dates of babies, wives and husbands.   A slight breeze moved the leaves.  It became a bit surreal.  I closed my eyes for a moment to breathe it in.  In the same moment, the breeze turned to air conditioning…what?  I opened my eyes and there stood a young man, probably 17 years old.  He was dirty and his clothes were tattered.  There was an earthy, burnt smell.  He was moving around me, saying “…maam, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’m sorry…”.  Of course I was startled and caught off guard.  I told him it was ok but he kept repeating over and over that he didn’t mean to, please forgive him, he was sorry…

Meanwhile, my friends had come over to where I was.  They commented on how cool it was under the tree.  I told them what was happening.  One of them had gone around to the other side of the tree and into a small, wrought iron fenced in family plot.  She told me to come look at the headstone of a young man dated from the Civil War.  He followed me still begging for forgiveness.  There was a small flag stuck in the ground in front of this stone.  “That must be him” she said.  All of a sudden, something brushed through my legs.  “Woow!”  I yelped!  Then my friend whispered, “look at the flag…”.  It was flapping with no wind. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” he persisted.  Realizing what his story might have been having been a part of the Civil War at such a young age, I told him it was ok.  He just looked at me for a moment.  “Really?” he asked.  “It wasn’t your fault.  It’s ok.”  I said.  “Ohhh, thank you!  Thank you!” he sang.  Then he moved towards the far side of the tree, to the edge of where the branches reached.  What seemed to be rays of sun light beaming through the tree’s shade simply absorbed him. 

Ohhhh my!  It was so beautiful!  Was this “The Light” that everyone talks about seeing when it’s time to cross over?  It was Amazing!  It was white but had every color imaginable!  It had music; a song but nothing I’ve ever heard!  I was trying to describe what was happening to my friends but none of the words were doing any justice to the experience.  They walked with me to where the light was.  “Can you see it?”  I asked.  “Can you hear it?”  They just shook their heads.   I slowly reached my hand out and touched it.  There is nothing to describe the sensation.  I cupped my hands together like I was catching water from a waterfall.  It was everything for all of the sences and more.  It was serene, electric, fire, ice, wet, dry… everything of anything!  Love.  Not kiss on the mouth love but unconditional, inside the soul kind of Love.  My girlfriends each raised a hand to feel where my hands were.  “I can feel it!” they said.  It was cool and vibrating.  We stood there, hands in the air, until it was gone.

That was probably one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.  I have to admit that for a moment I was worried that if when I touched the light it would take me like the young man when he walked into it.  I now know that it wasn’t for me; it wasn’t my “Light”.  What if everyone could see all “The Lights” that came for the souls leaving this world.  What if that moment of walking through a cool (or warm) spot where the hairs on your skin stood up at the same time you felt like you just had a heartfelt embrace was really you walking through someone’s light?   Wouldn’t it be something?  I have a peace down in the deepest part of my essence that when it is my time, my own ‘Light” will be even more amazing because it will be there for Me.



BLOG PIC AWelcome to my blog.  To those who find it second nature to surf in this wonderful cyber world, please bear with me as I am a novice to the world of multimedia.  I am really looking forward to my maiden voyage and all of the adventures that lie ahead.